Equity, Dangerous Situation

Q: My ball came to rest in a bunker near bees? Can I move away from them?

A: In a dangerous situation, the player may drop a ball without penalty on the nearest spot not nearer the hole that is not dangerous. If a ball lies in a hazard, such as a bunker, the ball should be dropped in the same hazard, if possible, or in a nearby similar hazard. If this is not possible the player may drop a ball outside the hazard, UNDER PENALTY OF ONE STROKE, keeping the point where the ball lay between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped. This procedure applies to situations unrelated to conditions normally encountered on the course. Unpleasant lies, in poison ivy, for example, are a common occurrence which players must accept. USGA Decisions, 1-4/10 and 1-4/11

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